Our Plan

We decided that we would drive up from Manchester to Fort William on the day before we were due to start the challenge so that we would be well rested for the start on Saturday. I know some people in other challenges drive up on the day to start soon after they get to Ben Nevis. However, I didn't fancy travelling for 5 hours only to have to jump out and try to tackle the UK's highest mountain and the longest of the three walks.

The disadvantages of travelling up to Fort William the day before are the extra cost, having to take Friday off work, and also finding something to do for several hours after checking out of our accommodation. We felt the benefits of being well rested and having a more relaxing Saturday outweighed the disadvantages though.

The options for accommodation depend on cost and how adventurous you are willing to be. At the bottom end of the scale are camping sites, although we never fancied this ourselves. Next up are youth hostels and bunkhouses, and there are plenty of these within an hours drive of Fort William. They typically cost around £10-£15 per person per night. The problems are finding one place with enough space for your group, even we struggled and there are only five of us.

B&Bs are the next step up, and this is what we eventually settled upon. Again, there can be a problem finding somewhere which has enough free rooms for your group so try and sort this early. However, after a lot of searching we managed to find somewhere with three rooms only a few miles from Fort William with four weeks to go. Cost for B&Bs can be between £20 to £40pppn.

The are also hotels, and there is a Premier Inn in Fort William, but clearly this will cost more and considering the cost of a hire car and petrol we didn't even look at hotels in order to keep costs down.

Our B&B  
Luckily we found a B&B at a good price (£26pppn) in Torlundy just north of Fort William.

The best bit was the receipt for the deposit which we had to post as they don't take cards. I received a hand written letter as my receipt! You don't get that kind of service at the Hilton do you!


I have listed some links to various websites to some nearby accommodation, and also some general websites. Hopefully this will be of some use if you are looking for accommodation for your challenge.

I have also put them on the map below so you can see where they are in Scotland.

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For further accomodation options the following website are also useful:

Scottish Youth Hostels Association
Scottish Independent Hostels
Visit Scotland (offical tourist organisation)